Get Active

Case Study

'Get Active' is an innovative digital service aimed at maximising successful outcomes of physical activity. It is designed to help drive behavioural change and empower users to be more active by monitoring and reporting their own activity levels.

Find out how the Get Active service can be used to benefit the following conditions and services:

The following case study shows how ‘Get Active’ user Stewart Graham is benefiting from the service.

User Profile

Stewart Graham is 80 years old and started using the 'Get Active' service in January 2015. An overview of Stewart's activity over a 12 week period is outlined below.

  • Average step count: 8,174 step per day
  • Total number of steps walked: 686,625 steps (the equivalent of 307 miles)
  • Highest daily step count: 14,257 steps
  • Week 1 average step count: 6,594 steps
  • Week 12 average step count: 10,646 steps
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I find it best to have a target and the Activity Tracker gives me an incentive to make sure my physical activity is improving.

Stewart Graham, 'Get Active' user,

Here's what Stewart had to say...

What aspects of the 'Get Active' service do you use?

I use the Activity Tracker to capture my activity levels for walking and the app to sync my data automatically from the Tracker to my online account. I downloaded the app to my iPad and sync my activity data on a daily basis. I also access my online account regularly and record additional activities such as cycling, gardening plus strength and balance exercises in order to keep a log of my activity levels. It helps me to monitor it and I can easily see at a glance if I have missed an activity on any particular day.

I was convinced I had to do more exercise after my cardiac rehabilitation. I started walking more and everything got that bit better.

Stewart Graham, 'Get Active' user,

How are you enjoying using 'Get Active'?

I really enjoy walking and try to fit it in whenever I can. Even when my wife goes shopping I will walk in circuits in the shopping centre or the surrounding area in order to increase my step count. I have recently set myself a daily step target of 10,000 steps and spread this throughout the day by going for regular walks whenever I can. I like to vary my walking routes so that it stays interesting for me.

Neighbours have commented that they regularly see me out in the local area. I can walk for longer now and also at a brisker pace, so much so that I meet people and they say "are you in a hurry?". I'll take my tracker on holiday with me because I am used to tracking my activity now and would be disappointed to not capture my activity while I am away.

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I can walk for longer now and also at a brisker pace, so much so that I meet people and they say 'are you in a hurry?'

Stewart Graham, 'Get Active' user,

What benefits have you experienced since using the 'Get Active' service?

I have lost weight since starting to walk more regularly. Since starting in January 2015, I have lost 4lbs but have done this in a steady manner over 12 weeks. It is always one of my aims to lose a bit of weight and friends have commented that I am looking healthier these days.

Sometimes I feel pain in my hip and thought it might be related to doing so much walking. A few weeks ago I stopped walking for a few days, but the pain only got worse. I realised that walking is actually helping to relieve the pain in my hip. Everything just seems to ease when I walk. I also used to experience cramp in my foot and that has stopped since starting to use the 'Get Active' service.